Upgrade esup-print-backend

esup-cups-backend is very easy to upgrade thanks to the ant target recover-config. It is however up to the portal administrator to use the classical installation procedure at each upgrade.

Please read carefully the instructions below not to dammage your working installation.

Very quick upgrading guide

Impatient people can use these very simple guidelines:

  • install the sources
  • ant recover-config
  • edit configuration files (if needed)
  • ant uninstall
  • ant install

General instructions

Upgrading from a previous release always needs to uninstall the previous release, do some specific actions (optional), compile the source code and install it in the uPortal webapps folder. This can be done the following way:

0. backup your database!

1. Uninstall the previous release

  • a. go to your previous installation directory
  • b. run 'ant uninstall'

2. Install the sources

  • a. unzip esup-cups-backend-x.y.z-t.zip wherever you like (at the level where you installed previous releases if you want to recover you previous configuration files automatically)
  • b. move to esup-cups-backend-x.y.z/esup-cups-backend/ new folder

3. Upgrade your configuration

  • a. recover your previous configuration files by running 'ant recover-config' (previous configuration files are expected to be in ../esup-cups-backend-<previous-release>)
  • b. make changes in the configuration files if needed (see the specific instructions below)

Read output of step 3a; steps 3b should be done very carefully, according to the specific upgrading instructions.

4. Deploy into uPortal

  • d. run 'ant deploy' and then 'ant upgrade' from the main folder.

5. Restart uPortal and test

Specific instructions

No specific instruction was needed to upgrade existing installations until now.