Install esup-print-channel

Installing esup-print-channel for the first time is done in 4 steps. If you want to upgrade a previous installation, please refer to this page.

1. Install the sources

  • a. unzip wherever you like
  • b. move to esup-print-channel-x.y.z/esup-print-channel/ folder

2. Configure your database

  • a. if you use a dedicated database (recommended), create it
  • b. add a privileged user with full access to your database

3. Configure the application

To do this, use the example files provided within the distribution.

4. Deploy the channel into uPortal

  • a. run 'ant deploy' from the main folder
  • b. run 'ant deploy-libs' or manually copy the jars located in folders esup-hibernate-channel/lib and esup-print-channel/lib to uPortal deployment hierarchy (a folder like .../webapps/uPortal/WEB-INF/lib). You can also run 'ant deploy-log' to put the logs of the channel into a separate file.
  • c. run 'ant initdb' from the main folder (this will create tables in the database)
  • d. restart uPortal
  • e. test


Each time a configuration file is changed, the target 'deploy' should be fired and the portal should be restarted for the changes to be taken into account.